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dowwdor_shal's Journal

17 January
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  • Elfed High School - Buckley, Wales - Flintshire (Sir y Fflint), United Kingdom (1999 - 2006)
I am a Welsh, mischievous, comedic (says me ;P), 21 year old geeky guy of geekery. At first, people see me as being the quiet type, but you know what they say, the quiet ones are the ones to be wary of.

Distinguishing features: Black hair, green eyes, glasses, accent that nobody has really decided on what it is yet (Has ranged between Welsh/Mancunian/Scouse/Canadian (WTF?))

My posting is fairly erratic and will probably range anywhere from replying to the most obscure post I can find, all the way up to my S.D.I's (Sleep Deprived Ideas for anyone who gives this bit a passing glance and misreads this).

Easily approachable, especially when tea is in the vicinity. Do not leave alone in kitchen as primary objective will be to make anyone within a five mile radius a cuppa (I have OCKS - Obsessive Compulsive Kettle Syndrome). I am a big fan of Doctor Who (1963-present- That's right, even Timelash!), Torchwood, SJA, QI, Mock the Week, Whose Line is it Anyway?, ISIHAC (I could keep going on forever, I really could).

I am mistaken for being sane, but why would I want to be? Sanity is overated. There's nothing better than a bit of good old "madder than a box of bipolar snakes" madness.